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A sudden memory laose
I had am memory lapse the other night when my cars parking lights wasn't working. Someone had me turn my car lights off and on. . "Turn your lights on one click only."

I did.

"Now put your headlights on."


"Now put your left turn signal on."

Suddenly my windshield wipers came on. I said, "What the devil?"

I tried again. As if the first time wasn't enough. Windshield wipers are whipping back and forth in front of my eyes.

By this time I'm freaking out knowing this guy is watching me.

I have driven for over 50 years and still do without incident, and use the signals automatically, so why am I suddenly unable to find the darn lever?

Maybe the goblins came and did a switcheroo on me. How dare they.

Aha! I slapped that thing into position.

"I don't know what's wrong with me tonight but I have brain fog for a minute or two."

He was an older guy so he totally understood. In hindsight,I'm pretty sure the masks has something to do with it-- lack of oxygen.
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