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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2241728
People are being recruited.
Toeing The Line

“Any questions?”

“What kinda money will we be making?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On whether you can keep the line .”

“What line?”

“Any line I say!”

“Why do you get to choose?”

“Because I’m the guy paying you!”

“You still haven’t told us how much!”

“I already said, it will depend.”

The group grew quiet. The man who was briefing them before employment, sighed and muttered:


“Anything else?” he said.

“Say I want the job, what happens?”

“We do the paperwork, including a confidentiality agreement, and I put you to work.”

“Why a confidentiality agreement?”

“We will be gray ops and what we do will have to be hush-hush.”

“I don’t get it! We will be holding a line. Is it a line of rope, a line on the ground, a line of people?”

“Could be any or all of those. You, individually and together, will be responsible for holding any designated line.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“You never know from one line to the next.”

“So there will be more than one?”


“What if we just toe the line and refuse to hold it?”

“That’s an interesting question.”

“So, you can’t answer it?”

“Of course, I can!”

“The penalty for not holding the line is death.”

“I guess that’s it until we make our choices. If you find the job not to your liking after this little chat, pick up your resumes and leave!”

He watched as about half the assembled people left, resumes in hand. The speaker gathered up the rest and dismissed everyone. He went out the door last and turned toward an office.

A woman in a white coat greeted him as he came through its door.

“Well Doctor, they should be perfect for your study on group stupidity,” he told her.

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