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by Shamus
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I haven't got wings yet, but I can assure you I am an angel!
It wasn't until I heard the shotgun go off and the following pain that I realized I'd been shot.

It was a beautiful day with no clouds and I was on my horse enjoying the scenery when I came across the small herd of horses in a canyon. I couldn't see anybody else in charge of the horses and i was beginning to think I'd stumbled across a herd of wild horses. The brand on the hind quarters of several of the horses convinced me that these were rustled and I was an accidental witness to a crime.

I was mounted on a pinto and passing a tree when the shotgun went off. I fell off the horse and hitting the ground felt a tremendous pain in my chest. It was agony and getting worse. On the ground I looked up and saw a chap I knew as Fred Armstrong. He was a bad lot and was always in trouble with the law. He had a short shotgun under his arm and leaning over me pointed it at my chest and pulled the trigger.

An age past by and I felt the cold penetrating my whole body. The next person I saw was the local sheriff. He was squatting alongside a body in the grass. Hold on a minute! ......That body was mine!.......... Quite a crowd had gathered to see what was going on. The local undertaker passed me, as if I didn't exist! I was standing on a bank overlooking the scene of a murder! .......My murder if you don't mind!

I couldn't believe what was happening and what I could see but not feel. I was dead, yet I could still see all around me and at the same time I could hear everything being said! On a tree stump close to where I was standing, sat a small figure. I recognized him as a one time provision merchant from the town. But, it couldn't be!....... He had been dead some years and had died from an over worked heart.

"Hi there Will, strange isn't it? You are quickly coming to realize you are dead, yet you are standing there watching them deal with your mortal remains. You may remember me as William Penders. I used to own the mercantile in town until my old ticker gave out! Now, I just look on from my world of partial existence. Mind you, it's fading gradually, and soon I'll be unable to see anything of this world., just a thick mist or a cloud.

The Sheriff, his Deputy and the Undertaker all passed me with my body on a stretcher. I tried shouting to them that Fred Armstrong had killed me and he should be arrested. Nothing! My voice didn't exist! I didn't exist any more! .......I followed them until they got to an open horse drawn wagon.where they carefully placed my body on the bare boards. I watched them trot slowly back to town.

William Penders appeared alongside me.

"Don't worry old chap! You'll soon be able to catch up on events. As we are standing here, the Sheriff has a good idea of the motive for your murder. He noted the piles of horse manure. Indicating the one time presence of a herd of horses. and he also noted the two spent shotgun cartridges on the ground alongside your body. All you've got to do now is cast your mind in the direction of the Sheriff who will now be back in town. I'm afraid I can't help you any more as my vision of that world is beginning to fade. I think my time as an Angel is nearly up"

Sure enough! There was the Sheriff and his Deputy sitting on the veranda of their office discussing my murder. It seemed they had a pretty good idea who shot me and were working out ways how to arrest Fred Armstrong. They knew he had a pistol and he wouldn't hesitate in using it. A posse was needed and the Deputy went to arrange it. Meanwhile the Sheriff was checking his Colt to see it was fully loaded.

He could see that there were about ten riders in the posse outside, all armed. Word had got round who they were after and nobody was going to take chances. On a rise in the terrain the Sheriff and the posse could see a herd of horses being driven by three men in the valley below. Pulling out his Winchester rifle, the Sheriff told the mounted posse that he didn't want any wild shooting. If there was any shooting to be done it would be him and not them.

Careful not to spook the horses they trotted slowly down to the riders with the herd. They could see Fred Armstrong and he wasn't a happy man! Annoyed at being shouted at by the Sheriff that he was going to be arrested on suspicion of murder, he began to pull out a pistol with a long barrel. Warning him that he would be shot if he resisted the Sheriff had no choice but to aim and fire his rifle at Fred who was flung off his horse by the force of the bullet.

Standing alongside the prone Fred, I could see he had taken a round in the upper part of his chest. Blood was pouring out of the hole and while he was struggling to get up I could sense he wouldn't be long in the world of the living. Dismounting and kneeling alongside Fred, the Sheriff warned him about drawing his pistol and said he was now going to arrest Fred.

Before the Sheriff could attach a pair of handcuffs , naughty boy Fred died with a grimace on his face. The next thing I saw was Fred standing alongside me and looking down at his body. I was pleased at the swift way justice had been served. My killer was now dead as me! .........I could now carry on in my world of ghostly images and try to do good as Angels can do in their limited way/.............. You never know, a word in your ear might be mine!

Sure enough, it wasn't long before I felt I was needed to help a young couple who wanted help, but didn't know who to turn to for advice. It transpired that the two had gotten carried away while kissing after skinny dipping in the local lake.
She had resisted his advances at first, but as they were both naked she saw that he was aroused with a stiff penis and she wanted him to make love to her.

Covered in perspiration they both lay there full of the joy of giving each other such pleasure! Later, on the walk back to her homestead she realized that he hadn't withdrawn before ejaculation , and as her mother had lectured her about men and what they could do to make babies, she began to inwardly panic. Sitting on a tree stump she began to cry and hug herself in desperation. The young boy didn't know what to do.

This is where I came in! .........Standing alongside the girl I began to will her to stop crying and ask the boy if he had spurted inside her when they were making love. It took a heck of a lot of concentration for me to penetrate her mind. Fortunately, it worked and she asked the boy if he had spurted inside her. No. He hadn't!.... He admitted that he had spurted in the grass alongside her. The relief on her face was incredible to witness.

Hand in hand they skipped home laughing at their adventure in the world of sex and promised each other they would do it again................ That left me looking around for my next person requiring spiritual help!

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