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... big-time disillusionment. Daily Flash Fiction challenge Jan 17, 2021
“Think I met the culprits just now,” hubby said. “Scruffy lot. Four of them in this beat up old wreck of a car. Lotta smoke in there, and it wasn’t all tobacco! Said they only wanted a dozen eggs and then they ALL started scrounging around to get together a whole $2.50 in small change.” He shook his head thoughtfully. “Smelled a rat, I did,” and his wrinkled nose, rolling eyes and lopsided smile showed that wasn’t all that smelled evil in that hodge-podge of unwashed bodies and rubbish.

“You think it was them? The ones who emptied our ‘honour jar’ of change and stole the eggs as well?” We couldn’t believe it in the second week of our small farm-door enterprise. After so much previous experience with country folk, we’d come home from a shopping trip to the unpleasant discovery of the theft. It was a small amount of produce and cash, but our shock and disappointment were large.

“They wouldn’t meet my eyes,” Kanute said, “...and a sixth sense kicked in that it was them. Instead of a confrontation and giving them the chance to say, ‘You’re making a mistake’, I told about the theft, wondering out loud what kind of miserable low-life-types could do that to an old farmer and his wife who were SO trusting.” Now it was his turn to show his evil-weevil side. “They squirmed and commiserated... and couldn’t get on their way fast enough.”

We both had to chuckle. Karma in action?

We reckoned his instinct was spot on. Never had another cent taken in all these years... and never saw those scurrilous scoundrels again either. Funny that...

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