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Only the strong survive - usually.
Gor would eat today. His eyes stalked his prey through the foliage. Two days since his last good meal. Gor was hungry, and therefore very careful.

It was not an unusual situation for him. The law of the jungle was clear - the strong would eat, the weak would be eaten. That Gor had outlasted many such encounters was a tribute to his strength. Gor would eat today!

The unsuspecting victim, dull and plodding, came into range. Gor’s legs tensed, his mouth watering for the taste of fresh blood. Just a few more steps ...

He leapt! They crashed to the ground in a tangled heap, Gor’s legs around his prey’s middle and arms around the neck. His teeth sought an opening for the throat.

The creature thrashed violently, rolling over and over, trying to crush this monster on its back. The constant battering began to shake Gor’s grip.

Yet the beast was losing, its struggles becoming weaker. Gor felt the creature sag in his graasp, as though giving in to inevitable death. Gor took advantage of the moment to shift his grip to gain more leverage for the final blow.

A great heave and a violent twist, and Gor was now locked in the jaws of the beast. The vanquished had become the victor.

As his wind came in ragged weak gasps and blood seeped from punctures in his neck, Gor had just enough time left to realize it was not he who would eat tonight.


“Wow!! Didja see that? Man, what a fight!”

“Yeah, Jimmy. I never thought that bug had a chance. Good thing I didn’t bet you!”

“Hey, I think Mom’s calling us for lunch.”

As the two boys raced away from the jungle-like thatch of coarse grass, the beetle feasted on the juices of the spider that attacked him. It had been days since he had eaten this well.
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