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Working nowadays
Kara, got up from bed, showered, and had her very early breakfast, as she was accustomed to.
It was an ordinary day, like so many before, but this particular day had a twist, she was particularly exhausted.

Her husband, Harry, had already left, quite early in the morning, too. Harry wanted out of his job, he wanted to retire, and had mentioned it to her before.
He too, was anguished at the thought of working long hours, with extremely demanding clients, and having to relocate , some times during the year to work on a number of varied projects.

Kara, dressed slowly, and prepared to leave her house.
I must really think of retiring, she thought to herself, I have to be able to do something with my life, something else, something different, she continued to ponder.

Arriving at work, Kara was confronted with the news that the company she worked at, was robbed in the early hours of that same morning. Oh, no, not another robbery? How could the company possibly survive, times were hard enough as it is?
She entered her office, and as she was about to sit down, the phone rings.
Her boss asks her for certain documentation.
“ Can you please bring me the documents that we discussed yesterday?” Amelia asks.
Amelia was very demanding: “ they are extremely urgent” she says.
There was an ever increasing demand for documents and information.
The day came to an end, but Kara had to stay on, as another urgency had cropped up.

Amelia, was not understanding in anyway.
As Kara arrived home, her husband was already there.
“ Why are you so late?” Harry asked.
“ I was held up in the office”, “ there was a last minute emergency” Kara replied, “ and there was a robbery at my company” Kara added, much in thought.

“ Well I am going to bed now, as tomorrow I will have to get to work even earlier than today” Kara continued.
Kara had a light dinner and went to bed.
Harry continued to watch his sport on TV, as he went to bed so much later than his wife.
In the very early hours of the next morning, Kara stood up to go to the bathroom.
As she sat on the toilette seat, she fell asleep, and thinking or dreaming that she had approached her bed, she stretched out her arms and moved forward as to lie on her bed, only that it was not her bed that she was lying on, but the floor of her bathroom; “ Ah, ah, my head is so sore” she grappled. Slowly she stands up, and realizes that her forehead is very sore.
She had bumped her head against the bathtub.

Kara gets to work and as soon as she can, she phones her doctor.
Dr Lara had been her doctor for many years.
At the doctor’s office, Dr Lara checked and examined her patient.
“ Uhm , I do not see any bruising, but I will run some tests, just to make sure” she replies.
“ Not to worry’ she says, “ but you could of caused some internal bruising” , we will have to check.

A year passed, Kara resigned from the company she had worked at, for so many years.
Harry did the same from his company.

They were now, free, to make new decisions and face other challenges, but now it was different.
What type of life, would they of had, had they continued?
Would they have any years left, to enjoy life?

To be what they really wanted to be?

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