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...better than all the rest... sometimes! The Writer's Cramp contest, Jan.24 2120
It began in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. In the midst of my insomniac hours, catching me deep into the creation process on my computer, all hell broke loose. The furious screeching of a cat fight near tipped me off my chair. This was followed by the outraged barking of our two dogs and faithful guardians of the night, Kelly and Kacy.

After some more caterwauling (what a wonderful word! Was it invented for this particular event?).. and more truly award winning barking episodes by the dogs, the outside world fell into an ominous and near total silence, broken only by distant baa-ing of sheep. My heart pounded even harder than at the first shocking beginning. Had the intruding feline retreated, beaten? Or was my darling Missy cat a victim this time? Worst of all, she didn't come when I called. Please tell me it's not because she can't... because she's on the ground somewhere, hurt. Now a new thundering, a most painful type, pummelled my chest.

Our visiting daughter awoke to the hubbub, deeply concerned as well, and we searched with torches and called and called, to no avail. Amazingly (or maybe not), hubby snored through the entire war zone happening outside. The stars continued to twinkle, the dogs chose to lay down at our feet when they saw us engaged in conversation, sharing stories of past feline encounters of the fast and furious kind, all too often resulting in injury and need for veterinary care. When we gave up and turned our backs on the darkness and our unanswered questions, there came Missy cat out from under our garaged car. How long she'd been there was unknown... all that mattered was to find her unharmed in any way, and hanging out for all the affection and cuddling we could offer.

As though exceedingly grateful for their timely intervention, she wound her silky self around and around her big sisters' legs, to their utter bemusement, although not rejecting her obvious appreciation. And we smiled and marvelled at these creatures who had not particularly liked each other at first. There had been a gradual warming for some time, but nothing to equal this display of affection. Despite Missy being the eldest of the trio, those darling dogs were truly her BIG sisters, looking out for her when the going got rough. I doubted they would match the 19th birthday she would be likely to celebrate—but—IF they continued to be her protectors, forcing eviction of unwanted attentions like this, maybe they'd earn some extra-life 'brownie points'.

"I suppose you'll turn this into a short story in a writing contest somewhere?" Our daughter tilted her head to one side and made a lop-sided grin. She knows me too well. So much that has happened on the farm has been 'grist for the mill' of my overworked brain.

"Well-ll, it's a thought." As if a thought like that would ever cross this overloaded brain. As if? Uh-oh… a seed had been planted.With our Missy safely back inside, we ladies bid each other goodnight… again! Michaela went back to bed and I returned to my well-worn spot, in front of my computer. I tried to resume writing of the free verse poem I was creating, but the hair-raising happenings of the last half hour had caused a totally unexpected writer's block. I'll need to return to this one tomorrow. Nothing seemed able to stand in the way of my train of thought — and writing about it. Nothing, I imagine, short of writing cramp.

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