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When wishes come true.
As I make a wish, I blow out the candles.
“Remember not to tell anyone, or it won’t come true.” says mom.
Every other year I would wish for a pony, puppy, or even a fish. But being a true believer that good things happen to good people. I would dream of a better life for my single mother, who deserves something bigger and better.
A knock on the door was a surprise.
“Who could that be?”
Mother heads to the door to see who it is.
Suddenly, a bang at the door startles me, and I rush over to see what is happening.
“She fainted says the man at the door who has cameras all around him. Checking on mom, she seems to regain her sense again.
“Ms. Rogers, are you okay, ask the man.
“Yes, what is going on here?
“Ma’am, you’ve won the lottery!”
Suddenly, mom’s body goes limp again.
“I guess good things do come true.
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