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This is only the beginning.

My lungs are sore. I can hear them behind me, the slow synchronized footsteps approaching, patiently. It was as if, they knew I would fall over at any second. They're getting closer.
I collapse onto the ground, taking heavy raspy breaths, the air stinging my cheeks. Turning around, I could see them in the distance. There's about 15 in full protective suits, with their guns. In fear I reach for the closest tree, I shakenly try pulling myself up. I was already tired, my legs couldn't hold my weight anymore, but I couldn't stop now, I had only just escaped.
I turned back at them and closed my eyes. I needed to focus.

The blaring of the alarm in the distance.

The synchronized footsteps.

The bitter winter wind.


I wave my hand towards them and throw myself back up. Some of them yelling in the distance. It shouldn't be that long until there's a highway, but even if I do get help. They'll stop at nothing to get me back.
I saw something in the distance ahead move. A car?
I slowed down, peeking behind a slim tree, a figure appeared out of nowhere farther ahead.


"You shouldn't do this, Nash." The person sighed.

"S-Simon! We can get out of here! Y-you know this place isn't doing any good!"
I desperately tried to get him on my side, but I knew he wouldn't help me.
We used to be friends, best friends actually, but the whole system made him a different person, but there's something else.

Determined to escape, I ran at him. He just stood there, stiff like a tree.
I made it to him, but I just ran by.
And he just stood there.
He hadn't been fully brainwashed by the system yet. They think that he's completely gone.

"Good luck, dude."

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