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by Norman
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Sometimes you have to lay back
I thought I’d take the day off,
just take a rest and chill.
Yeah, not do any thing at all.
I had some time to kill.

Sometimes you have to lay back,
just keep the world away.
Don’t even put the TV on.
You’re better off that way.

I was sitting on the sofa,
engrossed in a good book.
I still had my pajamas on,
didn’t care how I might look.

For no one else was with me.
Just me and me alone.
I needed some time to myself
and turned off my cell phone.

The silence was amazing.
I didn’t hear a sound.
I felt like I was on the moon
with no one else around.

I guess I must have dozed off.
I soon was fast asleep,
when someone pounded on the door
and made my poor heart leap.

At first I couldn’t think straight.
My brain was not in gear.
That pounding on my door kept up.
My heart was filled with fear.

It took me a few moments
to clear away the fuzz.
And then I headed for the door
to find out who it was.

It was my sister Rachel.
Her face showed her alarm.
She said she’d come to check and see
if I had come to harm.

I told her to come inside
and asked her what was wrong.
She said she thought that I had died.
She’d called me for so long.

I said my phone was turned off,
but I was feeling fine.
In fact, this was the best I’ve felt
in quite a long, long time.

She thought that I was crazy
to turn off my cell phone,
to just go off the grid like that
and stay here all alone.

I told her she should try it.
She didn’t think she could.
I told her to relax with me,
that it would do her good.

So we two had a party.
No phones or Internet.
We talked and laughed and had some fun,
as good as it could get.

So maybe you should try it.
Just take a tip from me.
Turn off the outside world and chill
and let yourself be free.

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