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No Dialogue Contest, Round 57, Prompt Fear.
But Fear Itself

I know fear, some might say intimately. It’s been said that it is, to a large extent, born of the story or stories we tell ourselves. My people felt that this aspect was worth studying.

Thus, my ongoing study of it here, with regular reports sent back to my place of birth. I am basically a scientist, so that is how I have approached my subject. There are clearly types of fear.

Fear of the unknown, is something I have never experienced. My joy in my work is certainly based on my need to embrace the unknown. Why would I travel so far from home if I feared what I would find?

Fear of the future, is a ludicrous thing. Whether you fear it or not, the future will come. Flexibility and acceptance will prevent the future from wrapping you in paralyzing fear.

Fear of the natural world should be part of life. But there is a difference between reasonable caution and fear. The first will keep you safer, the other might mean you never experience nature in all its forms.

Fear of strangers is also reasonable. But you can’t let it rule your life. Know when to back away. Trust your gut.

Fear of death will not prevent it from coming. Live your life as well and healthily as you can. So that when death comes, you will regret nothing.

These are but a few of the kinds of fear I have found in my research. My subjects have handled each one differently. Some in extreme ways and others as a part of life.

My time here has been interesting, boring, happy and sad. My chosen test subjects have made it so. In fact, I am nearly ready to come to some preliminary conclusions.

What is most interesting is my own change in the face of fear. I have found that I can change the stories I tell myself. By empowering them, unreasonable fear can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

One can be safe. One be strong. One can even be brave in spite of fear.

What I’m trying to say, I think, is some fear is reasonable, even necessary. But if your fears takes over your life, it is no longer precaution but an all absorbing loss of self.

My people and I have long been watchers of this world. What has been happening lately has greatly troubled us. It has been determined we may have to intervene to save the people of this world.

If that comes to be necessary, my study will help to determine the best way to help the human race and Earth itself. But we may be considered the greatest fear that humans can imagine. If only they knew!

We have lived among them for centuries off and on. By sharing technology with the ancients we have gradually improved their lot. But what they are starting to do with what we offered them is increasingly against our original reasons for initial contact.

It has been determined that harnessing their fear may be our last chance to save them from themselves. From what I have observed, overwhelming fear is crippling. We have to begin the process of removing fear from the genes of this collection of races.

Much like the past experiences we engineered for the people of Romania. Starting with Vlad the Impaler and his curse on the country, we used repeated sources of fear to change Romanians on the genetic level. It is now nearly impossible for them to be overwhelmed by fear today.

Of course, the original system had glitches that survive now. The next trial will be more refined. Perhaps genetic selection may be necessary or adding anti-fear genes to the genome before birth.

But it is not up to me to speculate on how it will be done, only to do a thorough and exhaustive study of how fear affects humans. After that it will be up to the scientific community on my world to further my research and work the logistics of applying it to Earth’s people.

Increasingly, I long to return to my home, so perhaps what I’ve done so far is enough.

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