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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Contest Entry · #2243602
Robert volunteered for the World War. Thankfully he was just put in charge of the pigeons.
I volunteered. Why? I don’t know. I guess in that moment when someone says you can volunteer in the World War for your country you just feel an urge to serve. That was a mistake.

Hello my family. I would like to say I am sorry for acting in the moment and joining, but you will be glad to hear that I do not serve on the front-line or in the trenches, nor the hospital. In fact, I work with the pigeons.

The pigeons work to deliver messages from one place to another. They like to bite, though. There’s not much action at all, I don’t even get to read the letters. I heard a rumor from the person I work with that if you read them you get charged for treason! I’m not going to risk it. I sleep in the same place the pigeons do. I have a little cot on top of the pigeon coops, that I get to by climbing a ladder. On the other side of the room my co-worker has the same. It always smells like bird poop-which isn’t that bad- but what’s worse is that the birds are incredibly messy and smell because they don’t get cleaned.

My co-worker, her name is Elizabeth, and I clean the birds sometimes. We don’t get that much food and water, though, due to it being war-time, but we save up our water, and will use it to clean the birds when we have enough. Neither of us want the birds getting sick, mainly because the country needs them, but also so our commander doesn’t yell at us. He has a short temper and we will hear yelling and gunshots most of the time below the coops. We don’t leave the coops. We are to maintain and care for the pigeons all hours of the day and night. Everyday someone comes to bring us food, and tell us what’s going on in the war, and around us. The gunshots, they tell us, is the commander getting angry. They either say it’s him in a duel with someone, or practice shooting. Either way, I do not want to get on his bad side. I rather tend to the pigeons with Elizabeth.

I like being useful, in an important position. Yes, I am sad to be away from you all. But I want to serve our country, and this-caring for the messenger pigeons- is a way to do it safely. My fortunes are in my favor. I hope you take care, Goodbye.
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