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A continuation of the first part.
You stared at the thing on your windowsill. The tiny elephant stared back.

Welcome to the Inn, listeners.

You were now in your bathroom. Once again, with Tina in your sink. She had fallen into it when you were brushing your teeth. But she wasn’t a camel anymore. She was a tiny, wrinkled, Elephant. You didn’t remember her changing into an Elephant. All you knew is that when you went to bed last night Tina was wondering on the windowsill, looking out into the night; but when you woke up an elephant was trumpeting into your ears.

After you helped Tina out of the sink, you started to-once again- wonder about the previous day. Nothing else had happened that day. You had watched someone being sent into the Underworld by a demonic-sounding tiny camel. There wasn’t much that could beat that. Tina didn’t speak any more that day. Neither did you, actually. You were lost in your thoughts, your fears, of this...thing in your hand. The thing that bit your finger if you went to fast.

You had so many questions: Where had it come from? Why did it sound demonic? Why was it a tiny desert creature? Why was it coming to you?

You weren’t going to be silent today. You were going to ask those questions- and probably more- today. You weren’t going to let fear control you from the truth!

Well… maybe you won’t. As a person who sobbed and ate ice cream as a past time you didn’t know what you would do when faced with a demon camel. Actually, it was an elephant today. A demon elephant.

You walked out of the bathroom, once again after letting Tina into your hand. Surprisingly, as an elephant, she was pretty light. Which made sense if you thought about it, since she was tiny, and not a life-sized elephant.

You walked yourself and Tina into the little kitchen area of the room. Your room was a bit different than the day before, since yesterday it was just a room with a bathroom; now it was a full apartment. One bed, one bath, a kitchen, and a living room. The whole works.

As you made a sandwich you grabbed the cheese and some ham from the mini-fridge and made yourself a sandwich for breakfast. Tina then trumpeted annoyingly at you and you sighed. You had a feeling she wanted some too.

You gestured towards your sandwich.

She shook her head.

Frowning, you pointed to the lunch meat and the cheese, wondering what the tiny demon wanted.

The elephant screeched when your hand went over the cheese.

You took a slice from the cheese and watched the thing gobble it up in an instant.

Just by how to morning start, you knew today was going to be interesting.
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