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Straigckers is a new fast-paced game of Checkers where you win by forming a diagonal line!

Straigckers (pronounced: Stray-gers) is a new format of the classic board game, Checkers. But Straigckers gets it's name for the winning condition, that of forming or completing a single diagonal line (or filling that diagonal line from end to end), because Straight + Checkers = Straigckers!

To win isn't as simple or as easy as it sounds, otherwise the game would be broken if a player could use only their pieces to make a complete line! The catch is that at least one of your opponent's pieces must occupy that single, diagonal line.


The board is set-up like usual, but both player's pieces are placed on the red squares rather than the black squares to make it easier to see the pieces, but only the two back rows are used. Players set the pieces up in the two back rows on their respective side of the board with 8 pieces on their side.

Both players should select their agreed upon colors (one side is black and one side is red). Red still goes first.

Making A Move

To make a move, there are different things you can do as long as you move diagonally. Out of these possible moves you can:

Jump over either your own or your opponent's piece to an empty square. (Jumping over the pieces does not take them off the board nor does it freeze/disable them).

Move in any diagonal direction as if all pieces are kings (move backward or forward).

As long as there is an empty square in between the pieces, you can keep jumping, such as jumping backward and/or forward.


You win when you complete the 'Chain' by being the 1st to close (or form) a straight diagonal line. You do this by forming a diagonal line all the way from one side to the other, where that diagonal row is filled with yours and your opponent's pieces.

The only catch is that your opponent must have at least 1 of their pieces in that diagonal line/row/Chain.
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