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Reflections in the window of a cafe
I sit outside at the cafe
and eat a grilled cheese
in one of those little red plastic bowls
made to look like a woven basket
with parchment paper placed inside to catch the
crumbs and grease.
My back is to the street as the glare is giving me a headache.
In the window in front of me I see
tuH eeffoC s’illiL
across the street.
Cute pink letters almost set up to look like an
unlit marquis sign.
I watch the people come and go
rushed with their cups of coffee,
Yet my mind seems to care more about the
name of the shop because for some reason
my brain seems to enjoy playing with the letters
like an anagram. As though seeing the title of the coffee shop
I walk by every day is somehow different backwards.
because it is now officially unanchored from the world
and free for my mind to move letters around as I please.

I take another bit of my grilled cheese and blink.
The letters are still exactly where they were before.

Written for "Promptly Poetry Challenge week 34
Prompt: Write a poem that focuses on reflection. This could be self-reflection, a physical reflection in a mirror, a reflection of light, etc.
(note: this also includes a nod to the amazing Lilli ☕ )
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