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Why do opposites attract?
486 word entry into February's "No Dialogue Contest

Jonathan Adams had no friends, not even himself. Acrimony, Utah is where he lived, a name often associated, by those who had the misfortune to know him, with his style. The climate there was controversial, blustery, forever fighting whether to turn the air frigid or hotly contested side of a mountain. It suited him well.

The man lived by his wits pointing out inconsistencies needing addressing. Grudgingly accepted visitors with their questions, paid for his keep and board. His fame, if not his friendship drew unlikely recalcitrant combatants from near and far wide.

Those who spared with him, found themselves having to swallow their tongues. None were Johnathan Adams’ equal in showing where fate had turned left instead of right and what unseen problem needed chastisement.

One Mary Peters, upon hearing of this peculiarity, besought herself to advance within this unruly realm. It was impossible to envision this opposite to herself. She of the sunny disposition, who calmed unruly waters and matters large or small by the grace of her simple presence. Never a word need be spoken where a wink of humor or a smile would suffice. Mary preferred traveling, never settling down. There was too much unmet need drawing her forward into the next steps in her life.

Whatever misfortunate mistake seemed at stake, all became healing forgiveness, melting away into her charmed embrace. Such magic as this, rose her name into a byword, she was called, wherever her want took her as a friend of a friend. Nothing personal. Something was lacking in this perfectly formed life.

These two charged personalities by force of nature finally met. The one querulous in each breath, the other gracious to a fault (one of which would be hard to find). Both seasoned in their offerings, took it upon themselves to wait and discover the other’s talent before exhibiting their own.

In place of brooding censure, or laughter massaging the air a unique form of silence ensued. Listening brought its own just reward. You can find these two companions together even when they are not. Theirs is a tangible presence reflecting the best of each other in life’s mirror. A vision of strength like no other of mesmerizing allure, hoped for by many, yet eluding their grasp

Once, in a great while, the silence of true friendship forms an unbreakable lovers knot. It is unspoken, needing nothing more than shared fulfillment to make it so. Revealed in all its awe, it is the greatest gift mankind can ever bestow upon itself.

This is where Johnathon and Mary make their home, one rich beyond measure. Theirs is fallow ground well seasoned with rain and sunny weather. Storms come and pass without leaving more than temporary marks, well learned from, yielding to a stronger foundation upon the land.

Who will listen enough to respond to loving friendship’s eternal call? The real estate is open to any. It costs little if nothing at all.
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