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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · History · #2243819
Love letter from the 1900's.
Napakatamis na isa

         Sweet one, flower of my heart . . . The world is a big place, full of truth, justice, injustice and words which are not true. In this world we live in, rumors and fake facts live right beside each of us, sometimes right in our own home. My heart is crying . . . I am alone without you.

         The world has whispered in your ear, although the world may have believed the words it whispered, it had no way of knowing if the words it spoke were true.

         You have accepted these whispered words as truth. Our heavenly father knows these words are not true. I know these words are not true.

         There are no words I can speak to you to change your heart, so I will not attempt to do this. I can not chase you or pursue you, as in your heart you do not wish to be caught by me. I must honor those wishes which live in your heart and remain silent forever . . .

         You ask how do I know your feelings? You said your heart was true for me. Alas, I also have heard a whisper in my heart. It was from your lips the whisper came to me.

         You have said you can not kiss me . . . You said when I spoke of you as honey, "Do not call me honey. We have no relationship."

         I have heard the words from both sides of your mouth. You have spoken with two mouths. My heart is confused . . . How can your heart be true for me if we have no relationship?

         I never knew what it was you wanted from me . . . Not once did you say whether you liked me. Goodbye, sweet one.

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