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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2243988
To celebrate the odd
I think we need a holiday
To celebrate the odd
You know the ones I’m talking ‘bout
Those ones not blessed by God

The short ones and the over-tall
Who always do stand out
The ones who have those quirky looks
They’d like to live without

The ones whose ears stick out too much
Or have an ugly nose
Certainly the bald would fit
And I am one of those

Ah, that’s not all that’s wrong with me
I must admit it’s true
I wish I could say that it’s not
But I can’t lie to you

The redheads and the lefties too
Since they are not the norm
Yeah, throw them in with all the freaks
No way they can conform

I’m looking ‘round to see who’s left
Just one or two I guess
How did they manage to evade
This monumental mess?

But when you stop to think on it
Those perfect ones are few
So they are not the norm at all
Yeah, they are odd ones too

And they must live with their own curse
To always look their best
So if you stretch the truth a bit
They fit in with the rest

So never mind this holiday
No need to celebrate
We all are stuck on God’s green earth
No matter what our state

So we can just accept our looks
There’s no more we can do
And if the others may seem odd
We’ll just accept them too

Hey, maybe we should celebrate
The commonness we share
And try to help the ones in need
With more than simple prayer

But we don’t need a single day
That wouldn’t be enough
No, we should do it everyday
This world can be real tough

Let’s get together; lend a hand
To all of those in need
The odd ones and the not so odd
A holiday, indeed

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