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Synopsis for the 48-Hour Media Challenge - Lovesong by The Cure
It is the year 6313. Humans died off over a thousand years prior, victims of their own hand. Yet, their culture lives on - art, buildings, gardens, writings - all lovingly cared for, preserved.

The AI's built by the humans still live, building their own culture alongside their creators, hoping one day to achieve all that it means to be human. They want to be just like those that made them.

And, now, finally, they have found a way to give themselves human personalities with emotions. Emotions! Now they will truly be like their creators. To feel is to know.

Their first two subjects, one given the personality of a male human and the other given the personality of a female human, are ready to be activated.

G3z now has the personality of George Smith, one of the original creators. His life - his hopes, dreams, and desires - everything that made him human, has been extrapolated from journals, interviews, and other bits and pieces still remaining, and given to G3z.

P5s was given the personality of Phyllis Heart, a medical doctor that kept meticulous journals and diaries, all of which have been preserved.

Of all the human emotions desired most by the AI, love was the most highly sought after. Would the new found emotions give them what they seek?
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