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Synopsis written for the Lodestar Contest - February 2021
In a galaxy far, far away there is a planet where the inhabitants never write anything down, ever. On this planet the written word becomes reality. On one of the islands a haven has been created to house a writer in order that the writer can "live" their novels in hopes of becoming better writers. If they survive to the end of their story they are guaranteed a publishing contract.

The rules are as follows:

1. Only one writer (person) at a time.
2. Forcefield will be in place at all times when the island is inhabited.
3. Writer will wear emergency button at all times (to be used when novel is finished, if writer chooses to quit, or if injury occurs).
4. Curator, located on an island nearby, will monitor Writer's vital signs at all times and terminate the novel if said writer should die.
5. At the end of the novel, whether by intention or not, all creations will be "erased" and island made ready for the next writer.

As all writer's know, when you create your characters things tend to take on a life of their own, not always the way you expected. In this atmosphere even a romance novel can take a strange turn.
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