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by Sammy
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2244178
This one is a bit self explanatory but a bit ambiguous at the same time.
Its beautiful out here,
In the space on non-existence.
Far away from the stars and lights,
The bangs and the screams
Away I’ve gotten: from the mess and the stress.
I do not exist to all; except to the people, I want to exist to.
And yet…
I feel more me now than I have before.
I get to decide when I want to exist and,
How I want to ,
The best part is no one can take me away from me anymore.
Because the people who I exist to now only want me to exist and not their version of me or some other version.
I’m telling no lies
Wearing no masks
And it is good enough for them and so I am good enough for me.

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