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A poem written for the Dark Dreamscapes competition, February 2021.
I Offered Him Forever

I offered him my heart
with the whisper of 'Forever' on my lips.
And I meant it.
He was welcome to it all -
my eternity -
for I could not countenance a life without him.
He looked at me and his eyes glinted,
not with love but with violence.
My hands shook as I held out my pulsating heart
until, with a move so swift
he wrenched it from my grip
and he gripped it and grasped it
then tore it into shreds of blood-soaked muscle.
Tossing the pieces down to the ground
he laughed at my pain,
at my disbelief as he stooped to wipe his hands,
ridding himself of any particle of me.
"No thanks, love. No offence but I don't want you."
He turned his back on my silent scream
that passed through air to aether.
Rifling through the pebbles, sifting through the earth,
I searched for those savaged strips of muscle
and I gathered them and fashioned them into a gory mess.
I will shed no tears for him
but instead I will pledge myself to another.
I'll give him my eternity,
with forever on my lips,
and this time I have no doubt that he'll accept.
A doomed romance of a different sort,
for my new-found love is waiting to gather me to him
and to hold on tight
with bone-white fingers.
Neither of us breathe for we have no need of breath
for the lover I'm embracing
is called Death.

(35 lines)

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