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A very vent-y poem about frustrations when I used to work at a 7-11
Hive mind customers flood the registers
Bob wants a "Taqweeto"
Screaming because the Slurpee isn't frozen yet
There's two other stores within a couple blocks, Karen

Threaten the cashier's life over a pack of cigarettes
Yeah that's definitely normal
Not their fault they drove here without their license
The customer's always right, right
Yeah right

Creepy boss suggests Boxing Helena
Coworkers slower than molasses
Fair though, can't blame 'em
This is what my hell would look like

Obnoxious lotto guy hangs around
Screams "BOOM!" every time he scratches or checks for wins
That's awesome for my anxiety
Very helpful sir

Try to reach through the glass to get the hotdog
They finally changed it because people wouldn't stop
Ok, get your own then and save us the time
It's not like we have other things to do on top of serving customers

Corporate visits and nitpicks
Not like they've ever worked behind a register
Except for that one guy when Marcia cut her finger off
Nice to see a gm put their money where their mouth is

Seething anger
My face and tongue are numb
Visiting gm says go smoke
That's a first
Amazing I don't stroke out

Customer service
Wasn't the last time
But never again
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