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Rated: E · Chapter · Entertainment · #2244500
A 14 year old named Jace tells a story of the time that he met tiny people.
**New paragraphs are change of perspective**

Life is great, right. Well not all the time, especially in a pandemic. Being in quarantine and wearing a mask everywhere can get annoying, but that is besides the point. Hi, my name is Jace, and I am a 14 year old about to end 8th grade. I want to tell the story of when I was bombarded by tiny people. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I’m sure you’re thinking “tiny people”, is this kid crazy? Well, I thought the same thing when I first saw them. First a backstory to when everything first started.

Chapter 1: The Move
There was once a small village on a hill. This hill was rather big and was full of nice green grass and many trees. Down in the tree covered village lay many houses with a town hall building at the top of the hill. This village was home to the Migre People, about 1,000 people in total. Everyone loved life down in this village. Nothing harmed or threatened them. Nothing tried to take over their village. The village was peaceful. The only thing that has not been great is that it was usually dark during the day. The only time it was light in the village was when the sun was in the right position, about halfway between midday and sunrise and sunset. Any other time it is dark in the village. It was like there is always a shadow above them, except at the time when the sun was between being straight up in the sky and on the horizon. Other than that, the village people were very happy with their lives. The Migre People thought that they were the only people to ever exist. They thought that it was just them; until one day when other people moved in.
The date was March 12, 2015. The Migre People went about their normal day as usual, gathering food, building new homes for the influx of new babies, and worshiping their gods. They had gods for almost everything; the sun and moon, wind, earth, water, fire, the sky, farming, and war.
When the sun was in the right place, between horizon and straight up, is when the visitors came. It was just all of a sudden. A huge black mass just came out of nowhere. Everyone started to bow down to it as if it were a heavenly being.
“No need to panic everyone,” the village chief exclaimed. Then, five big, pale things landed on the grass. These things seemed to be attached to a bigger, pale object, then it went up into the sky. This thing crushed many houses leaving everyone running towards town hall.
This is where I come in. I am only 8 here and my family had just moved into this old, rugged house, as I thought of it then.
“Why did we need to move here?” I whined. “What was wrong with our other house a few miles away?”
“We just want you to have a better school, and this is where the house is,” my parents explained. I just trudged into the house.
“Everyone okay?” the village chief asked. Everyone seemed okay physically.
“What is that thing!” many people screamed terrified.
The chief responded, “I do not know what this thing is everyone. I will get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.”
Once I got inside the house, I changed my mind on this whole move. The inside of the house was huge. It had four bedrooms with three bathroom. It also had an office with a huge pool in the backyard.
“This place is cool!” I immediately said.
“Told you you’d like it Jace,” my dad sneered. We then spend the next few hours unpacking the moving van.
“Will that thing come back?” one asked desperately.
“I don’t know,” the chief answered honestly. Just then, two long, huge, pale stick looking objects fill the village’s line of view at the black mass.
“I guess it’s back,” one little boy snickered. The chief took notice to that the five pale objects were attached to these two long, stick things.
“Hmm,” the chief speculated, “I think this may be a person, but who and what?”
“What do we do chief?” one father asked.
“Just stay go about your daily lives people,” the chief shouted. “This entity should be gone soon.” So, the Migre People went about their day, very on edge to what this thing was and what it was doing in their village.
The next day, I go outside to play caught with myself and check out the house. I grab my baseball and glove from a box in the garage and head into the grass. As I check out the house, I throw the ball up in the air and catch it. I roam all around the house, then I go to the other side.
At the daily village meeting the chief said, “Today is a new day. Me and my people described that the being yesterday as a giant. It was a person because it had toes, feet, and legs like you and me.”
“So we aren’t the only ones out there?” a woman interjected.
“Well, no,” the chief replied. “Maybe this giant is friendly and will not want war with us..” Just as the chief said this, the giant comes from around the corner. Everyone stares at it in disbelief. Everyone starts to scream and frantically run around. The giant just trots about the village with no cares in the world that it was crushing everything under it. It’s foot was huge. It was the width of the path that the houses were lined up along. Everyone turned back to the chief.
“Maybe it isn’t friendly,” the chief concluded. “Let’s give it time and lets see what it does.” As time goes on, they realize that the giant is a boy.
One day the following year, the Migre people notice that the giant's foot is bigger. The giant walks through the village just like every other day, having no care in the world that people were underneath him.
"Is it just me, or does the giant look bigger?" one villager hypothesized.
"A whole year has gone by Noah," another villager responded. "I'm sure he is growing just like we do down here."
Another five years go by and the giant still takes no notice to the Migre People. The villagers are fed up with the giant crushing their homes and farms. Just then, the giant stops in the middle of the village, crushing everything underneath him.
"That's it! I'm done with this!" a woman declared. "I'm going up to the chief and tell him that I'm tired of this." The woman storms up to city hall and demands she talk to the chief. The chief finally comes out of the back and talks to the woman.
"You need to do something about this chief!" the woman emphasized. "I can't keep building my house and replanting my crops every single day."
"I know Mary, I'm working on it," the chief reassured her.
"Are you!" the woman shot back. "It's been 5 years, and you still haven't done anything! If you don't do something now I'm gonna threaten to replace you!" The woman stomped back home.
The chief meets with his Giant Observation team in anger and frustration. This team consisted of two females and one male, Grace, Lily, and Robert. The two girls are supposed to observe the giant and report it back to the chief and Robert is supposed to protect the observers. Grace and Robert are 14 and Lily is 13; they are all only a few months apart in age.
“Ladies,” the chief started rubbing his head in frustration, “I am tired of this. I am tired of this giant boy destroying our homes and farm land.”
“I know sir,” Lily agreed.
“But once we rebuild everything, he just destroys it again,” Grace concludes.
“I know!” the chief screams. “I am threatening to have war against this giant.” The ladies gasp. “I am tired of him destroying our things and having no care in the world about it.”
“But sir. . .” Grace started.
“No buts Grace,” the chief said angrily. “I will have war against this person. I don’t care.”
"I'm with you on this one sir," Robert agrees. "My family is tired of rebuilding almost everyday. The team walk out of town hall and look up towards the giant.
“We can’t go to war with him Lily,” Grace exclaimed.
“Why not?” Lily and Robert said. “We have every right to.”
“Let’s just talk to him first,” Grace explained. “Let’s talk to him tonight and see what he has to say about this.”
“So you want us to go into his home, tonight?” Lily gulped.
“Yep, tonight,” Grace divulged.

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