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A middle-aged man deals with his hair loss.
“Remember when you used to have hair?”

“Remember when you used to say nicer things about me?”

“Sorry. I was just noticing that guy over there. The one with the ponytail.”

“That guy looks ridiculous. Someone should tell him it's not nineteen-sixty-nine anymore. I'm surprised he's not wearing bell-bottoms.”

“If I remember correctly, you had a ponytail in the eighties.”

“Whatever. That was a long time ago. And I was a lot younger than that guy. And I certainly didn't wear bell-bottoms.”

“My dad did, and I'll bet yours did, too.”

“Yeah, I've seen a photo of him when he was about twenty. Bells, tie-died shirt, sandals. The whole costume.”

“What about his hair?”

“He had a big 'fro.”

“Ouch. That was a pretty bad look on white guys.”

“No kidding. But he swears he was only trying it to see what it looked like, and he changed it right after he saw the photo,”

“Changed it to what?”

“A small 'fro.”

“No way. Did he think he looked good in that?”

“At the time, probably. But today he admits that was pretty bad, too.”

“What about you? If you could have a full head of hair again, how do you think you'd wear it?”

“What does it matter? I don't have a full head of hair, and I'm never going to have a full head of hair.”

“Oh, come on. Just suppose.”

“The truth?”


“Probably in a ponytail.”
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