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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2244647
I wore the painted face

Some clowns act gay and happy
Big smiles and big feet too
They dance around and make you laugh
At least they hope they do

Beneath that heavy makeup
Is just another guy
Who tries to always look up-beat
You’ll never see them cry

Some other clowns are different
They wear a face of gloom
They play the part of hopeless bums
All weariness and doom

I was a clown myself once
I wore the painted face
Yes, once I played the big top
That was my favorite place

And I was quite the star then
Right in that central cast
But that was long ago now
My clowning days have passed

They banned me from the circus
They said I went too far
I got too fat and couldn’t climb
Out of that little car

So I was stuck inside it
Yeah, me and several more
With my new girth I couldn’t move
Could not get out that door

The audience applauded
They laughed with pure delight
But it was not part of the show
That was my final night

So I hung up my red nose
And my suspenders too
I only wear them ‘round the house
When I am feeling blue

I miss being in the circus
When I was still a clown
I’ll sometimes do a pratfall
When no one is around

I miss the sights and smells, too
The audience, you know
There’s nothing like just clowning ‘round
And putting on a show

But I still wear those big shoes
They won’t come off my feet
You’ll always hear them slapping down
When I walk up the street

Some people think I’m clowning
But that’s not how I feel
That sad face that looks painted on
Is not make-up; it’s real

So if you join the circus
And want to be a clown
My advice to you would be
Don’t let those kiddies down

Always be the happy clown
You too could be a star
Just don’t get overweight like me

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