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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2244675
Cedric buys his heart's desire.

“Please Mother!” pleaded Cedric.

His mother, Dora, eyed the vendor. His raggedy beard and rumpled robes did not make her feel like he was an honest man.

“No, Cedric! I’m sure they are fake!” she said as she tapped the surface of one of them.

“Which one is your favorite, young sir?” quavered the old man to the boy.

“This one!” he said, pointing at a rainbow hued one.

“You have excellent taste, young man!”

“Mother. I’ll say my prayers faithfully and do all my chores better than before. I’ll do everything you want and more, if you’ll only get me one!” Cedric said.

“What breed are they, varlet?” Dora asked.

“These are a new breed I have developed myself. They are a third the size of most others. They are non-meat eaters and very affectionate. Perfect guardians for children, mistress.”

“How much?”

“For you, milady; only 300 platinum nuggets.”

It costs too much! Come along Cedric.”

The boy reluctantly started to put down the beautiful oval. But before he could, its delicately scaled surface began to crack.

“You break it, you bought it, boy!” the vendor insisted.

Turning blue eyes on his mother, he handed over a single gold coin.

“But that’s your natal day present, son!” she protested.

“It’s the gift I’ve always wanted, Mother,” he said firmly.

The vendor placed the cracked oval into a small basket and took the boy’s gold with a grin.

Dora sighed as she handed over her shawl to wrap the egg in.

“What will you call it when it hatches, son?” she asked her boy.

He thought for a brief time.

“I think Pricey would be a good name,” he said.

“That’s the perfect name for such an expensive dragon!” Dora told him as they went on with their shopping.
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