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Visible and invisible things
Cars are made of rubber in the land of US
Asphalt highways twist and turn in pain
Erased for your protection at the curb
Life is no ones fault but yours

May the DMV have mercy on your souls
May they require daily inspections in your homes
Stay inside away from stores
Closed but open to suggestion
Avoid shopping at all cost. Walk.
-Safety comes first-
Leave keys on the dash and tongues in the mouth
If you own objects throw them out

Souls are subjects of interest to the powers that be
If they bounce they become intriguing

Gum and coins can be found in the sofa
Couch potatoes can be found above
If you lose your keys don’t blame God
It is not His job
If you look real hard you will discover…..Rubber

Objects are another kind of trouble
You should let them be
Concentrate on the subject at hand
Find the keys

Authors Note: Why are cars made of dangerous materials like metal and glass? Why are they not made of rubber? Rubber bounces during collisions.
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