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Notes to you
I met you tonight.
this tingling, nervous,
Sensational night.

Beauty, most every finding.
Sly smirks, awkward moment.
muddled words and..
curious misinterpret


Your legs, so long
Your body smooth, sexy strong.
You tangled with mine...so short
So..wet. Haha
The sweat!

You become my favorite sport.

I played tough, but not enough.
A Fumbled mess
rooted in Insecure
Trudging, True,

And it was oh. so. very.

The laugh, the tease,
Down on your knees
Your lips, your lips!
My God your lips!

My God your lips, your arms wrapped round,
Your weight upon me, holding ground.
Guiding, taking, sheltering,
My God your lips your wicked tongue!
Your soft demand, languid gaze, your sheltering. Your

Desperate escape sung!

You washed my hair! you Beautiful Man!
Eyes stung, shampoo and joy.
Slipping, sliding, drenched lather
Together; satiated thirst.
we feed eachother.

I gave my all, often small.
I gave you the...
extent of me,
(the good, that is, the good)

Plenty more dull, and plenty more sour.
The good!, that is, the good.
I showed you all to see.
So free!

Asking for more of us!?
You've pumped the fibers of me.
Engorged lust,
The fucking longing.
The Fucking Longing!

But I sink...as always
A stomach full of stones.

That determined
Shriek! That
Shunning mind

My think, that damn
Can't bare to brave
That.. look... that look to come.
Those languid eyes turned

My shelter;
Brand new!
Gone.., withdrawn.
as you discover There IS NO
(The good, that is, the good.).

I love your face

You washed my hair you beautiful man!

I love you
Let's leave it there
It was so very



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