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Rated: 13+ · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #2244779
A Mayor’s writer in all his fury has lit the match as he tries to burn the city
And he left the trolley in the orange city sun
Got off under the boardwalk under the gun
Day in the life of the true wonder of the General inspired by a writer
A book on a shelf that is rejected by the mayor
And the artwork of this author and writer became
A disgrace to the city because the mayor
Then all of a sudden in his anger
protesting in the street became like burning
The outburst was entirely afflicted by hundreds
Attacking the weakness on which had started
Somebody’s house is burning
The bothersome General George was striking
a fire of his vengeance to the mayor’s mansion
Incidentally the General proceeded to the escapades
Throughout this act of insane fury by being called
A disgrace and still reigning ablaze the terror and
enhancing the flames with gas atlas still burning

And to the house still burning
for there was fire coming from within
There really is no conclusive end to this story
But I wonder as far I know of the ruling gathered
As the Saturday evening protestors continued
When they demand for justice

By the time he lit the match to light a cigarette
All of a sudden his hair caught on fire
And there went with his head and it exploded because
A protester who had poured gas upon it And
the mayor’s house exploded into an apartment where
George had started
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