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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2244995
Marian acts on suspicions.

Marian was helped into her car by her Seniors Count volunteer, Lori.

I forgot to lock the door, would you be a dear?" she said as she handed her keys to the younger woman.

“Of course, I’ll just get you a sweater while I’m at it, shall I? It will be cooler when we come back later,” Lori said with a smile.

She didn’t wait for Marian’s nod, before walking briskly up the path to the door of Marian’s small house. Marian looked at her wristwatch to time her.

“It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. Let’s see if I’m right!” she said to herself.

Thirty minutes went by. Marian knew then her suspicions were correct.

“I hope they’re in place!”

She gave a short blast on the car horn. Amazingly, Lori didn’t come rushing out.

“I guess she’s taking inventory,” Marian mused.

Suddenly, shouting and orders came from inside the house. When she saw her police nephews and niece march a handcuffed Lori out the door, she gave a sigh of relief.

The eldest of the boys, stopped at the car. Marian rolled down the window.

“Here are your keys, Auntie. I gotta take the trash bag we found on her as evidence, Okay?”

“Of course, Nick. Do you need me to come down and make a statement?”

“Brian will pick you up tomorrow morning for that. Need to go anywhere important now?”

“No dear, but maybe Kristen can leave you boys to it and take me grocery shopping. I don’t wanna miss seniors’ time.”

“Looks like I don’t even need to call her, here she comes now!”

The siblings greeted each other, then Nick left to help take a raging Lori to lock-up. Kristen and her aunt smiled at each other, then drove off to go shopping.

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