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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2245027
Poem about a very special lost bond, very specific to me so may feel messy & weird
I may have ruined my chance to have you by my side
But the fire you've started within my existence has not yet died
You are still guiding me, as I navigate love and life
I hear your voice and feel your gaze, as sharp as the blade of the knife
We used to foolishly and recklessly chase one another with

I may have boiled our love down to what feels like a distant myth
But you have set a bar from which I will never stray away from
For me to completely turn away from it all
would undoubtedly leave me raw and numb
Raw. Remember?
Raw dog my soul, we'd say.
Caught up in all of our laughter and play
Raw dog my soul, we'd say.
I put it on a T-Shirt, just for you
When I thought I was ready, but it was your turn to leave me blue

Nonetheless, the words you tried speaking to me will never leave my head
Anything remotely a diluted version of our sensuality will now never enter my bed
All of the lessons you tried to teach me in which I ran from I will now never forget
Another's desire and opinion of me, I will no longer fret

When someone shows me they are unsure of my worth
I will remember you holding me higher than a Wiccan does Mother Earth
When someone shows me they are unsure of how they feel about me
I will remember your voice telling me to be in my presence is to truly be free

When someone sees me and another but doesn't know who to choose
I will remember your passion when telling me such ignorance is nothing to excuse

Whenever I feel flat, boring, and less than what we'd call groovy
I will remember you saying life with me is like a movie

Whenever I don't feel comfortable enough to laugh my loudest laugh
or scream my dumbest jokes
I will remember you following in line as if it was both of our hoax

Whenever bursting out in different characters and self created skits doesn't feel right
I will remember the productions we'd put on together that would last all night

I will remember you matching my laugh and my screams
I will remember the ferocious excitement we created together, bursting through our seems
I will remember you pushing me to follow my wildest dreams
No matter the sacrifice we'd make with our time, because we were a solid team
I will remember the pure love in your eyes observing me acting like a child
I will remember the warmth you projected onto me even at my most wild

When I feel avoided, I will remember your pursuit
Whenever I feel let down, I will remember all times you rushed to me despite the commute

I will remember your patience in times I feel rushed or pressured
Because of you, I won't ever settle for anything less than being undoubtedly cherished and treasured.

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