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Rated: E · Poetry · Friendship · #2245034
An homage to nostalgia
Little white open sanctuary, standing sturdy
Not in bones, but in spirit
Invoking memories of pretend adults playing and yelling
As if no one could hear it
Police officers mocking, security guards stalking
At the end of the day,
Persistent mosquitos were the only things to get us walking
Away from you

Our desire for thrills and controversy held too strong
To keep any of us away for too long

Parties in trees with old drunks and tweakers
Faded, 3am walks distressing our sneakers
Young girls falling victim to infatuation
Cheap cologne and cigarette smoke may as well have been a carnation
To us, little honeybees, moving flower to flower
Getting lost in the high with each passing hour

Bottles of stolen liquor attached to our hips
Though it always tasted better coming off each others lips
The boys, the girls, the drugs, the fights
No longer paying attention to the retired street lights
Being out on the streets, we were all kings and queens
God damn, ain't nothin like being fifteen.

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