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A letter of intent to hospitals about a project pitch
To Whom This Shall Concern, ( note: I intend to try to find the name of the person I should address this to, to make it more personal)

There has been a recent revolutionary change in what Hospital Kitchens are serving up patients and staff. In recent years, we've learned the important roles food and nutrition play in the healing process both physically and mentally. As such, we've seen hospital kitchens go from a cafeteria-style way of service to a high-end restaurant style of service.

Who hasn't heard a joke or critical, insulting comment about poor quality hospital food? It is almost to be expected. However, the major shift in the way hospital kitchens operate and the quality of food they put out has put to silence many of those critical feelings. I would like to shed some light on this, as not everyone has had to have a stay in a hospital recently.

This project I'd like to propose has three missions and will shine a light where light is most needed. Mission one will be to provide a way to help the homeless. Mission Two will be to shine a light on Hoston Hospitals and promote healthy eating/cooking, and Mission Three will be to Give the winning hospital a small boost by donating a percentage of the funds raised.

I am proposing that Houston hospitals engage in a little bit of a challenge by entering at least five or more of their Chef's best dishes to be compiled into a cookbook that will feature only recipes from Hosptial kitchens. Spotlighted throughout will be interviews, quotes, and information given by the chefs, dieticians, and even some of the hospital doctors. All focusing on the important roles food and nutrition play in the healing process.

We will ask the kitchen staff to distribute simple, short surveys asking patients to rate the food they are served. The dishes with the most positive votes will also be included in the cookbook but will also be used to determine which Houston Hospital has the VERY BEST FOOD! The winning hospital will win a percentage of the proceeds from book sales to be used to upgrade something in their kitchen, buy supplies, or a new appliance they might want/need! It will also provide positive promotion for the hospital.

For full discloser, here is how the proceeds from the book sales will be distributed. 10% will go to the author of the book for their time, effort, and expenses. 40% Will be donated to the winning hospital 40% will be used to help the homeless of Houston and 10% will go to the winner of the photography contest.

What is the photography contest? What is a cookbook without vivid, mouthwatering photos? To add even more interest to this project, we will promote an amateur photography contest. Anyone; patients, kitchen staff, hospital staff, or even visitors can take photos of the meals they get from the hospital kitchen. They label it with the time, date, name of the hospital, and name of the dish. The photographer who gets the most photos selected to be used in the cookbook will win 10% of the book proceeds.

How will the proceeds help the homeless of Houston? There are a number of ways we plan to reach out and offer help to the homeless. We plan to initiate a voucher program for free hot meals, provide medical devices and aids to those without insurance, and can't afford items they may need such as walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc. We will also be looking into ways to provide temporary safe havens for dangerous weather. When all area shelters are filled to capacity and there are still people with no place to go...we will provide a safe place to ride out the dangerous weather conditions. Those are a few ways we hope to use the proceeds to help the homeless of Houston.

Would your hospital be interested in participating in this project? Do you have an above-average Chef who puts out delicious, healthy, tempting meals? Could your kitchen use a donation of 40% of the proceeds to upgrade or add something on the wish list the Chef might have? If you are interested, or if you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to call or contact me. All my contact information is listed below.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and response.

Tina Stone
Email: writertinastone@gmail.com
Phone: 936-221-1904
Address: 13125 FM 1960 Road West Room 134
Houston, Texas 77065
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