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A love letter of a different flavour
Dear Mum,

How strange to see those words again; it's been such a long time since I wrote a letter to you… an even longer time since we last saw each other's beloved faces. It will be 21 years this time around since we parted. You would laugh at my silver hair now, my wrinkles, the bulges in places that once were smooth. It's true, Mum—I'm an old lady too, these days.

Still, I think you'd like the whole parcel that I am nowadays, certainly the major 'writerly' part of me would delight you and give you much pride. You always knew it would be something focusing on words if I was involved. Judging by my 'meet and greet' of passing neighbours as I stood atop the cement meter box at our front fence all those years ago, many (including you and Dad) were convinced I'd be some kind of public speaker (uhrr, did someone mention 'politician'? Ohhh no! Definitely not!).

Funny that. I had the nerve of Ned Kelly to speak up and be the righter of wrongs and the champion of dogs and smaller children… when I was young. Growing up, it was different. Such silly shy patches so many girls go through as they begin to blossom, never realising their worth. And so it was for me.

But then I 'grew into my boots' in more ways than one, with a lifetime ahead as a farmer. You shared much of our dairy farming years when you were left alone without our darling Dad. How much fun we had… and late-night talks, and tears. You shared much of the 'downers' of my early writing efforts and I'm sure, along with myself, thought that was just one of those things never meant to be. Destiny had a much different face in those days, but now? My best dreams are coming true.

I believe you know how it is today, and I don't want to see you as my my guardian angel, hovering eternally close behind me. Why would you look back when there is so much right where you are… and ahead? I hope you never do… look back, that is. I hope every reward and happiness you and Dad so richly deserve are falling all about you like so many blossoms and blessings.

I'll join you one day, but not any time soon. When I shuffle off, I have a lengthy appointment just over the Rainbow Bridge, and it could be quite some time before I move on. I feel you smiling. This is no surprise whatsoever to you, is it!

Until that one day…
all the special love that is yours alone.


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