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A interaction between siblings about traveling and camping
I told one of my sisters once not long ago that I was planning a trip by car to Kingman, Arizona and would be camping at the beautiful Campgrounds of America (KOA) campground near Williams, Arizona. I had stayed there before. It had a pool, jacuzzi, and even indoor showers. Not only was the campground away from the hustle and bustle of Flagstaff, but the scenery was incredibly beautiful and I remembered taking a walk outside the campground at night. My fiance and I ended up seeing a herd of deer over to the left by the frontage road's billboard sign.

The deer seemed to be fine with us sharing thier turf. Either that or they didn't realise that they were being watched. Deer have acute sense of hearing. Even a twig snapping can be cause for alarm. Just as sensitive is their sense of smell. We were afraid to move since surely they would soon notice our presence.

They must have picked up our scent because they snorted, was skittish, started looking around--Oh no, humans! Suddenly they flew out of there as if Santa was calling them. Beautiful animals. We felt the pounding of their hooves as they struck the ground.

Oh how I wished I had brought my camera with me to photograph these majestic creatures, and that I could have remembered what the sign said on it.

That was years go. But now it had been quite some time since we'd visited. Before I left home this time, I had shared my plans with one of my sisters who lives in Southern California. What did she say?

"Really? So you're going to go to the campground where all those people who camped there got killed?" she said rather snippy.

I said, "What people? What in the world are you talking about? Why would anyone break into someone's tent and kill everyone in it? Who told you that?"

"It was all over the news. Everyone saw it."

"When did that happen?"

'I...I don't remember."

I noted her stuttering. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's a very nice clean and quiet campground. The best I've seen yet. It's safer than most and where we will be staying."

"Are you crazy?" Ashe said, "They all died!"

"I'd never heard anything like that and for sure everyone else would have heard of it. That would be big news. And what would be the motive? Did someone steal their firewood, took their last hot dog off the fire pit, or the only remaining roll of toilet paper?"

I decided to call the campground and ask them if they had any murders in the campground lately, or ever. Hey, what are the chances that it might be true?

The thought briefly crossed my mind that I could have been more explicit like-- 'Was there any random stabbings or shootings that you know of?' but I didn't want them calling the cops.
Surely they must have thought I had mental issues.

Pointing--Hey over there! Straight jacket Needed!

She asked where i got that idea. I told her one of my sisters had told me. She assured me that nothing like that had ever happened. Not that she knows of anyway.

In hindsight, I think my sister said that so I'd stay at her place which was out of my way and not in my plans until later.

To play it safe, I decided to stop at her place first, then a day or so later we traveled to Arizona (AZ). However we never made it to the campground. My tent which I brought along with sleeping bags, and meal kit never got used.

I couldn't help thinking that random tent attacker might be on the loose and ready for action. Besides I hadn't brought my mace and I have enough fun to deal with as it is.
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