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An Ode to bad luck.
Paying the kitty
Is black or white
It is either do or don’t.

No matter
Where you stand
Spending a groan won’t float.

It is bad luck
Crossing a black cat’s path
Like trying to swim a castle moat.

With arrows flying
And you a crying
Queen cat sure will get your goat.

If you win a bet or better yet
Beat a black cat on a white fence
Then, hence, you will surely win my vote.

It is not easy changing a cat’s mind
You will find there is reason it is that way
On how to balance on fences you should take note.

Luck is required and yours will expire
Black cat magic knows how to suck luck away
Leaving you as its prey while the feline continues to float.

So, don’t fall for the idea you are smarter than she
Smarts don’t matter when luck is a matter of earning a fee
For a black cat fencing around with you, that’s all she wrote.

It is a fact, that balancing acts
are things black cats are great at
perhaps that is how they earned wearing those black coats.

27 line poem prompted by the Writer's Cramp contest
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