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A small verse I wrote about seeing my newborn grandchild asleep.
Sitting, watching you sleep, as your breath moves the sheet that drapes you
Wanting to be there in your dreams with you so we are together, unparted
As you rest through the visions that unfold then recede in colorful visions
Waiting patiently for each moment then the next anticipating each breath the same
As your face remains restful, your slumber tranquil, your body relaxed and at ease
Engulfed in the mystery of all mysteries, the natural world displaying in the infinite mind
Undefined, inconsequential, existing only in those moments where all else is not
Wanting to be inside those visions with you, to comfort you from what might disturb such a slumber
Knowing they are only there for a moment then gone to be a memory or forgotten
Hoping all that you see are the things that please you and endow you with the favor of enjoyment
Your breathing changes slightly, you stir gently in search of soothing, without hesitation you are appeased
The hour grows late, the earth shifts through the stars, my eyes grow heavy in need of sleep
Only a few more minutes I want, only a few more moments I need, to let go of this heaven in front of me
As I sit in the dim light of this dark room watching you as you sleep.

Jade Jaspers
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