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by Trav
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2245932
Rick and Morty Cure the Cronanburg Mutants.
"Ricked up Apes"

Written By: Travis Moore

Rick has a lab set up. Morty hand me the Ape DNA. Uh sure Rick was it this. Yes Morty it has freaking Ape DNA written on the side. Why do you need Ape DNA Rick? Well Morty do you remember the world where we turned everyone into hideous mutants? Yes, It was awful. I don't think Mom and Summer would ever forgive you. Well that said I have to remove two chromosomes from ape DNA to make the mutants turn back into normal human beings. Wow Rick that sounds like it could work. What do you mean could work Morty. I am am a genius I know it will work. Besides the Rick and Morty from this world died trying to make such a cure. So it is possible that more than one universe has had this problem Morty. So how many Earths have you destroyed Rick. Who knows, but the point is not to repeat the past mistakes Morty. I hope you learned your lesson about making love Potions Morty. I have Rick.

Beth pops in, Dad can I barrow you for a minute Jerry went missing and I was wondering if you would watch Summer and Morty while I go look for him. Sure Beth Rick says with a sigh. What do I care. Bye Morty Mommy loves you Beth hugs Morty. By mom. Summer don't let grandpa and Morty destroy the world. As if Mom. Summer keeps talking to a friend, Bev I know he's like so cool. Rick turns to Morty Hold the Gene splicer or a minute I have to get a cold recombining MRNA from the basement.

Morty stands at the lab and picks up the Gene Splicer whoa what does this do. Zap he shoots the APE DNA. Okay I'm back Morty. Oh Gee Grandpa I might have done something wrong. What did you do Morty. Rick Takes the Ape dna and looks at the cells under the Microscope. Morty you did it now. Your either very lucky or an idiot Savant. Morty you tuned the APE DNA into human DNA by splicing off exactly two chromosomes. Oh gee Rick is that a bad thing. No Morty this could work. Rick makes a Cronenberg monster antidote.

Okay Morty back to the dimension where we turned the human race into monsters. Oh gee rick not that place. Rick grabs Morty and fires the portal Gun. I don't want to go Rick! Zap they run though the portal to the world of mutant monsters. Good right next to the ship just where I left it before ditching this universe. Rick and Morty fly off up into the air and Rick disperses the chemical. Everyone
turns back to normal.

Morty looks at rick after seeing everyone turn back to normal Gee Rick it looks like you fixed everyone. No Morty you did it this time. I did? Yes Morty you removed the right two chromosomes from the ape DNA by accident. After things return to a bit more normal Jessica meets Morty at school. She starts picking though his hair at school. What are you doing Jessica? Just checking for ticks. Rick! Morty Yells and Runs out of the school.

Earlier a couple of days ago or so it is late that evening it is getting dark. Jerry can't get his car to work. I just got a job working at the waste dump as a security guard. And now this. A UFO flies over head. Then a bright light shines on Jerry. Jerry screams. Oh no! As he is sucked up into the UFO and the UFO jumps into hyper space. Now to reconstruct one heart for a Genocide preventing Diplomat an Alien Organ thief says. Who are you! Why we are the black market organ thief guild. We get rare organs for transplants to save the lives of important officials. Jerry sweats as they put him to sleep...

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