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by K.HBey
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Jane and Dave have a hard show in the circus.
KHBEY/The miracle

"Jane are you going to wear that?" Dave asks completely overwhelmed.
"Why are you asking my love? I always wear the blue acrobat costume", she replies.
"You look so sexy with it", he says embracing and hugging her .
"You look so nervous. Be cool dear! We have done this show for many times," Jane says looking with her blue eyes wide open deeply and with fervor her husband.

"It is for the first time that we will play in the live without the net," Dave adds nervously.
"Don't worry! It will be all right," She says.
"Time is up, dear, it's our tour," he adds.

"The hoop tour was perfect ", Jane whispers in her husband's ear when the crowd applauds.
He responds with a smile.
A long rope is released from the roof of the circus scene.
"Keep on it, dear, jump quickly into my arms at the second tour," he whispers in his wife's ear.
A full silence is settled in the audience and just a smooth light with a blue reflection dominates the scene.
Dave's heart is out of his chest and his hands are trembling when sweat moistens his costume.

Suddenly , a scream is released in one time from the crowd and all the glances are suspended into the scene roof; when Dave tries to catch Jane that is launched after three acrobatic gestures. She seems flying in the space.

She clumsily misses to be synchronized with Dave launch but fortunately succeeds in catching one of Dave's arm only.She is about to fall as Dave cannot bear her entire corpse with one limb.
He becomes reddish and is about to fall when he finally catches her hardly and in the same manner the rope is descends quickly.
The entire crowd is applauding when the couple are hugging and crying and happy in the same time.

KHBEY/The miracle/300 words
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