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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Paranormal · #2246101
My prompt entry to SCREAMS!!! 08/03/21

He started to slow down.


Where’s the exit?


There’s no exit.


There’s no escape


He looked behind.


It’s gaining on him.
He looked forward again, only to see a wall. He crashes and falls to the ground.
A malevolent laugh sounded throughout the hall.

The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was his hand, dissolving into black sand.

10 minutes ago..

(Harry’s POV)

“Sheesh, that was a long drive,” I said, stretching my legs after being in the car for a few hours.

“This is the place?” Sierra, my partner, asked.

“Yes, Yudas Maternity Hospital.”

Me and Sierra are the world’s most popular supernatural investigators. We get payed for investigating and sometimes fixing ‘supernatural’ problems. But we never actually believed in anything supernatural. It’s a trick of the mind that people report. We normally do our job successfully by cleaning up the ‘haunted’ place and being with the owner while they checked it out. This time, we are payed to investigate a paranormal situation in a maternity hospital somewhere eerily desolate.

We entered the hospital gates. But when we reached the doors, the gates slammed shut.

“What was that?!” Sierra screamed.

I rolled my eyes, “Probably just the wind.”

When we came in, I started to doubt my own words as I entered the most ominous hallway we’ve discovered. And it’s not bloody or anything. But it’s musky, too quiet, dark, like there has never been any sunlight in the room. Doors all widely open in both sides of the hallway.We explored, only to find the hallway makes a square shape.

Sierra started, “Well there seem to be nothing much here, let’s clean this pla-.”


We both jumped at the noise. Sierra’s eyes went wide and sweat started to form on my forehead. I made a silence gesture and went to where the noise came from.

It was a room. But not just any room. A room we saw that has it’s doors open.

Now it’s closed.

I hear heavy breathing a few feet behind me, and I hastily turn around to see..

“AAAAHH! Sierra! WTF?!”

“I’m sorry Harry! Just… don’t go in there… please. Let’s just… go… home…” Suddenly, she fainted and flopped to the ground.

“Sierra!!” I shouted, feeling for her heartbeat. It was still there, but it was unnaturally fast. I reached for my phone and dialed for an ambulance.



*intense glitching sounds*

“Hello?! Hello?! I need help quick! My friend is-“

[^*^@#* NO **(#$*#^#$ ESCAPE*(&$#))]

I pulled the phone away from my ear, the glitching sounds still audible. “H-Huh??”
I put it on speaker mode.


“No… escape?”


The voice suddenly became clear, the deepest voie I’ve ever heard with a bit of a gurgle in it.


The voice started shouting out of my phone, but before I managed to turn it off. My phone turned into black sand right before my eyes, in my hands. The dust sprinkled to the ground as I took a step back.

Then, an ominous laugh came from the mysterious room. I grabbed my gun and slammed through the door, pointing it at everything I see.

“Show yourself!”

A piece of paper fell from the ceiling and landed on the ground. I looked at it and read ‘NO ESCAPE’.

“Is this some kind of prank?! Come out this instant!” I shouted with a little stuttering.

There were two wardrobes and a bed with a bat on it. There was no bat before…

I slowly approached one wardrobe and opened it, to stumble back as an avalanche of black sand went onto me. I stood back up, to notice my pistol was gone. I looked all over the sand and kicked every grain, to find nothing. I started breathing heavily.

Thinking quick, I picked up the bat from the bed and positioned myself in front of the second wardrobe. I opened the door, only for another thing to tumble down on me.

Severed limbs and rotten babies scattered all over the ground. Eyeballs rolling around. Blood seeping out. I screamed and went to the opposite wall. I diverted my view to the door to stop myself from puking. But a limb grabbed my foot and I tripped. The blood became ants and the babies started crawling towards me. Limbs grabbing all around me and ants flooding over me.


I shot up from a bed breathing heavily.

“Heh… Hehehh… It was all a dream.”

Only for me to find out I was sleeping in the mysterious room.

How did I get here??

I reached for my phone, only to realize it was really gone. The dust from the first cabinet was still on the ground, and there was my kick marks that indicate I lost my weapon too.

I quicklystood up, grabbed the bat next to me, and opened the second cabinet… to find nothing, but something written in blood. NO ESCAPE

Everything around me became more red, as the same ominous laugh from before sounded from everywhere at once. I panicked and barged out the door. I dragged Sierra to where the exit is… only to find a wall. NO ESCAPE

I breathed heavier than ever before, but I almost fainted when I looked behind, to see the spot where Sierra was, black dust…

The ominous laugh was louder than ever. But then it started to concentrate to one direction. Something black, with multiple limbs, and no head, facing to me. It then pounced.

I reacted fast enough and managed to dodge it. I ran as fast as I could and went into a random room in the hallway. I see a closet and a bed, and had an internal debate on where to hide. But went to the closest one, the closet, when I heard the same laugh getting closer to me. I opened it, but before I closed it behind me, I managed to read another writing in blood.


I waited a minute, nothing…

Another minute…


Another Minute…


By this time, I were sure I lost it.

“RUN,” something whispered to my ear from behind. I whipped around to see the thing I was hiding from, with me in the closet.

I ran as fast as I could out the room and kept running, hoping I will find another exit.


Word count(according to word because I'm too lazy to count myself): 1070
Inspiration: Curse of Blackwater
Prompt: Black Sand
© Copyright 2021 Gabogame3 (gabrielrenze at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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