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by Trav
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Just a bad dream.
"Nightmare Matrix"

Written By Travis Moore

         I woke up on a cold shinny metal table with what seemed like wheels locked in place. This was after pulling at a tick at the base of my neck one night in my bed. I got the tick out or what I could. But I woke with what seemed like a phone jack in my finger tips. Some how I was hooked up to some sort of network. The sort you find for the internet or Ethernet connection.

         I was mostly naked say for something over my privates I think. It was very cold. Too cold really. There were others there all hooked up like me. People I didn't know. I walked down some sort of corridor. It was old and ancient like stone. But dimly lit by some sort of flat panels. On the way out I noticed a purple almost rainbow like bird man like something from ancient Babylon. What was going on?

         Some how I found a way out then I ran outside into the woods. There were evergreen green trees all over the woods. I ran up and up near a rocky cliff. All I could do was find a clear stream somewhere along the way. I was thirsty and drank some water by cupping my hands. So I must have been high up in elevation from the look of the landscape. I seen what looked like a road. Some sort of army trucks were moving over the dirt and gravel road. I hid in the woods as best I could. They must have been tracking me.

         I was eventually captured and put back in. But before they put me under into the simulation I repeated the same letter over and over again. The letter X I said out loud. And when I take an old Sony walk man and some wire and put some Ferrite rods in it I still hear the letter X repeated on a certain radio station.

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