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You can't cheat on the Turing test.
"Self-inflicted demise, huh."
Detective Cage smiled wryly as he looked through the paper-- the headline read "Mayor Rajendra Accused Of BMI Drug Trafficking." Having another cup of coffee at the precinct, he once again sighed deeply with his eyes closed. Dusty air wafted throughout the dingy office. A mundane afternoon, humdrum work.
"Are you talking about the smelly Asian mayor?"
"Language, Sean."
As Sean was walking by Cage's desk, Cage raised his voice without even giving a look to Sean. Showing no sign of remorse, Sean intentionally, or unintentionally, kept on making unthoughtful comments on the mayor.
"The first Indian mayor--"
"Potato potahto. Anyhoo, he was such a disaster."
"And you're such a piece of work."
Cage rose to his feet folding the paper in half, crumpled it into a ball.
"You should be wasting your precious lunch time talking to me, rather than working on one of those B&E or hit-and-run cases. Two-bit villains are anxious for you to catch them."
"Haha, it's you that's the laziest detective in this entire state."
"Oh, come on. As you can see, my boss slammed me. Totally."
A spray of fine dandruff was scattered from his disheveled hair as he scratched his head. Sean stepped back in revulsion.
"Ew, how many days has it been since you showered?
"I don't even know. I gotta freeload here a little bit longer."
"So you're actually living in here?"
Yawning like a bored lion, Cage listened and nodded. Unable to reply, Sean fished out his phone and showed a picture of a young man. The man looked like just another run-of-the-mill Caucasian man, but his face sure as hell looked familiar to Cage.
"Oh, so I know you've heard about the new federal case."
"I mean, who hasn't?"
"Guy's killed too many innocent citizens, including kids."
"God forbid anybody wanna kill kids. It is criminal." said Cage, uninterestedly.
"The higher-ups want us to catch him dead to rights."
"No. He should be roaming around in this area. We can't just let that guy walk."
Sean looked Cage in the eye. Cage looked away and stood up with his mug.
"Fair enough. I'll think about it."
Cage left in haste as Sean continued talking.

Ever since Hannah left him without saying a word, one year of radio silence had spoiled his life completely. He lost his faith in his job, to the point of getting demoted and relegated to a small police station on the outskirts.

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