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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2246865
Harry and other cyclists were in a race but many strange things occured.

KHBEY/The biking race

The champion was crossing the road at light speed fully confident.The first part of the itinerary was flat and the biking was easy. But there was a big chance to slip and to let the bike deviate; because the road was made of a smooth material.
"Harry! wait! I am Laurent. Be careful! the road is dangerous"; he screamed loudly from the crowd and waving his hand towards Harry.

He went further with happy muse in that spring sunny day. A huge amount of people were crying and saying:
"Harry! Harry!"
At the second part of the itinerary when he was biking at light speed but a big stone provoked a big energized double elliptical tour. The bike was thrown away in the ravine.
The platoon was going ahead and no one was aware about the champion becoming.

But; when the second cyclist arrived at the cone in the mountain he was amazed to find a big gorilla that got long nails and ready to invade the world.
The second champion disappeared too.
The platoon was on the third part of the itinerary and found themselves approaching a new track that headed to the south and that was not first mentioned on the circuit. They were magnetized strongly in this area with a certain strength.

The drone was assessing the race area but it couldn't cross a certain fence space. It registered the strange disappearance of the the cyclist platoon as if they were entering another invisible area. Was it another earth Bermuda or the maleficence of the voodoo temple that was just at the proximity.

KHBEY/The biking race/268 words/the 03/21/2021

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