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An essay about a certain upcoming spring holiday...
In a week, we shall once again look forward to this certain spring holiday that is known as Easter, and just like last year, there are those who are going to be celebrating this holiday a little differently. Now, in normal times, we would be celebrating this holiday with our families after going to church together; but these are not normal times. We are in a pandemic, and none of us know when it will ever end.
I know that most people would dismiss Easter as just another holiday, and would just focus on the Easter Bunny and of all the goodies that he leaves them; but Easter is much more than just a holiday, and this year, it has a much deeper meaning than ever before; this past year has seen more bad news than good, and a President who cares more about his poll numbers than about each and every one of us. I do not want to get into any details, but I think that you folks know what I mean, and with that, I think that it is very well time to rethink this holiday and to make Easter mean a whole lot more this year than just candy and the Easter Bunny.
Easter is about hope and renewal; we need to renew ourselves spiritually while we need to use something else important: Hope. You see, Easter is about a bringing of hope to mankind in order for the world to be renewed. The One who sent His Son to save us happen to bring hope and renewal to mankind, and that One happens to be the Christ; He was sent as a baby born in a manger in Bethlehem, and then He grew into adulthood to preach and to teach to the world. And then, He decided that in order to bring renewal and hope to the world, He took our place as punishment and died on the cross, and then was raised again, so that all of mankind would have the hope that it so desperately needs.

There is this message for those who are both Christian and non-Christian: God has seen sin happen after Adam and Eve disobeyed Him, and He had to do something about it. First, He asked a person named Noah to build a boat, and then he invited all of the animals, as well as his family, inside, and for 40 days and 40 nights, God sent a flood which has drowned every sinful person.
But then, He felt it was not enough. So He made the ultimate decision to save each and every one of His people: He loved them so much that He sent His Son, in the form of a human, to save mankind by dying on the cross as the payment for sins, and then was raised from the dead so that the world would have a renewal of their love of God, as well as hope for the world. The message of the Christ is still shared throughout the entire world, with each new person accepting the message of hope through the Christ.
The wonderful sweet things that we would have at Easter will disappear and just be forgotten for another year; but the most beautiful message of all time, the message of the Christ, will last eternally. There is hope that this message of Easter would transform and renew hearts like never before, and even long after this pandemic has passed, we would still need Him for comfort and hope. I hope that you and yours have a happy and blessed Easter. With love-JW
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