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This was a writing assignment for my creative writing course to show characters and plot.

The purring startled Monty as he looked left toward the sound. Scared, he lifted his nose to take in the air above hoping to detect proximity. A pinhole of light streamed across Monty’s face as his nose reached higher and higher, his whiskers twitched to and fro. With each movement a loose web of dust attached near the end waved spontaneously as if trying to free itself. Monty rose upon his rear feet stretching as far as he could toward the mixing bowls upon the shelf just out of reach above his head, his slender paws illuminated now by the pinhole of light. The purring grew louder, and louder, and louder, until the sound vanished just as quickly as it had come. Monty shrunk down as small as he could and hid behind the bag of cane sugar nibbled open and ready to imbibe. Where was Cat?

Lick, lick, his little pink tongue furiously soaked up the sugar in front of him, glorious sugar to feed his addiction. Little paws with claws digging gently into granules of life. Life was sweet, no worries now, just sugar, glorious sugar.

The web of dust dropped from Monty’s whiskers onto the paper bag beside the rip. It began its descent onto the cupboard floor, sliding softly with the movement of each paw into the granules. As the dust touched the cupboard floor the purring again startled Monty. Scratch, scratch, Monty froze. The only thing he could do was be as still to protect himself from what was coming. Scratch, scratch, growl, the noises of terror loomed upon him. Scratch, scratch, … The cupboard illuminated by bright artificial light, and the silhouette of Cat struck terror, run, run, hide! Monty finally broke free from his panic and threw himself between the bag of flour and the stand mixer, tucked away he found his exit into the sub-floor beneath the cupboard. His heart pounding, as the sugar spiked his adrenaline twofold. Oh but it was worth it. The lovely high of processed sugar, the pure sweetness of life he so desperately needed. Soon, soon to be back reveling in the warm blanket of sugar he so dearly loved. Cat will never catch him. Cat isn’t important. Only sugar.

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