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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2247372
Brenda knows just how to surprise Shawn on his birthday.
No Bother

“Is something bothering you?”
Shawn looked up to see his dear wife Brenda, looking at him with concern.
“Dawn never found me.”
Brenda sat beside him on the couch and took his hand.
“Who’s Dawn?”
“My twin sister. The day I got adopted, we promised that we’d look for each other when we turned thirty.”
Brenda stilled.
“Your thirtieth is today. You never heard from her?”
Shawn shook his head.
“I usually don’t like to talk about her, because it hurts to tell anyone about leaving her for the family we both wanted but who only wanted a boy. It was Dawn who insisted I couldn’t pass up my last chance.”
“Don’t forget your birthday dinner tonight. Everybody’s coming!”
“How can I celebrate when Dawn might not be?”
“Fake it! I refuse to cancel after what I went through to get everybody together,” Brenda told him.
“Okay, but I won’t enjoy myself!” Shawn said with mock sadness.
“You better mister, or you’ll be sleeping in the garage!”
Brenda insisted he dress up for the gathering at Olive Garden. Shawn put on his favorite sport coat and shirt, but balked at a tie.
“It’s my birthday, Bren! I don’t wanna wear a noose!”
“Fine, it’s my personal gift to you to let you off this time!”
By the time they got to the restaurant, everyone else was seated. Shawn looked three times at a woman about his age who was sitting between his uncles. His eyes widened as she stared back, then jumped up and rushed toward him.
“Dawn? It’s really you!” he choked as he opened his arms and hugged his sister breathless.
“Brenda talked me into surprising you when I came by to see you last week,” Dawn sobbed.
Shawn blew Brenda a kiss behind Dawn’s back.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2247372-No-Bother