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Rated: E · Poetry · Animal · #2247563
A fable on bribery and corruption. Who is more corrupt?

King lion called for a meeting
So they went where he was living;
He lived atop a treacherous cliff
Where many foes' lives were made brief.
One stair led up that slippery climb–
It was befouled with years of grime;
It was narrow, carved out of stone,
And littered with fresh flesh and bone.
When the sun reached its hottest hour
The air grew so hot by its power;
Mirages formed round the cliff's side,
But the beasts were still left outside!
The lion's gate was locked till then
But he was there inside his den!
When he rolled off his boulder gate,
Many complained that he was late.
Apologizing with a smile
He said he had worked all the while.
In a single file, up they went;
Their strength and self-control were spent.
They found fault with how slow they moved;
The ones behind and in front pushed;
They all desired water and food,
And were all in a smokey mood.
It was then that birds who could fly
Flew up the cliff's side hot and high;
They couldn't wait in the long line
And could not wait to wine and dine!
When time came for the king to talk,
He laughed at his tired and spent folk.
‘You all say I lack self-control
Because I ate a dying mole;
You can't even wait in a line,
But you hate such deed if it's mine.’
What a man does when he's in need
Tells you about his heart indeed.

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