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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2247579
A mom regrets making foolish jokes.

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a huge squirrel!”
Kevin, our nature lover, ran to the window.
“Where? Where?”
I held a magnifying glass in front of his eyes.
“Right there!”
“April Fool!” I chortled as he shot me a hurt look.
Later as I was making breakfast, I added a spoonful from the sugar bowl onto my daughter Kristie’s cereal. She took a huge mouthful and spit it out.
“What’s wrong honey?” I said innocently.
“That tastes like salt!”
“April Fool!” I said as she glared daggers at me. Since she’s a tween, I think I got off easy.
I mixed hot sauce into my husband’s favorite strawberry rhubarb jam. Watching him spread it on lavishly as he always does, I barely managed to keep a straight face.
“All right, which one of you kids did that? You might as well confess!” my husband roared. Kevin began to cry. Kristie left the table and headed to school silently.
“April Fool!” I said while he gulped down water, then coffee and his eyes and nose ran copiously.
My husband slammed out the door without hugging and kissing me. Still, this time I’d beat all of them to the jokes this year!
I heard my phone ping. The email stopped me in my tracks.
“I’m taking the kids and leaving!”
I gasped. What had I done? I stewed about my husband’s email all afternoon. I tried calling his office, but it went to voice mail. Then my phone pinged again.
“April Fool! I’m just taking the kids out for dinner after school. You obviously need a break,” the message read.
I decided then and there, someone else could be the April fool from now on, because it’s sure wouldn’t be me, especially since I could have been taken out to dinner!

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