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Getting the work done
Word count: 277

The April Fools

Gary stapled another stack of papers together and shoved them down the conference table to Michael. “That is the history section for the Jamerson account.”

Michael nodded and leafed through a growing stack of papers in front of him, filtering in the new stack where it went. “Tell me again why we are staying here all night. Yesterday you said the Auditing Department didn’t need these until Monday.” He passed the stack to Charlie who placed them in a manila folder and into the plastic file box in front of him.

Charlie smiled at Jenny as she put down the tray with coffee and pastries. “Gary this is crazy. I hope we are getting overtime for this. I’m right there with Michael, trying to understand the hours.” Charlie turned his stare to Gary and nodded.

Gary, Head of the Accounting Department at Cronker Investments, stopped mid staple and stared at the young interns. “Because it is the 5th of April, Fools. They told me this morning they need them Monday morning because of some big wig. Now keep going.” He took a deep breath. No use taking it out on this group.

It took another six hours to print out the rest of the spreadsheets, filter them into the remaining stacks and have the file box sealed and sitting just inside the Auditors door on the 5th floor. Gary thanked everyone for their efforts, promising a paid day off and a bonus, which he most likely was going to have to take out of his pay. It was worth it. He hated this time of year but he still had his job and that counted.
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